Latest Wool Trading News - July 2020

Australian Wool Season finishes low

The Australian wool selling season has finished on an expected low. The industry has experienced the most challenging conditions with demand for all wool types plummeting due to Covid-19. AWIS weekly newsletter reported that the AWEX EMI finished at 1110¢, 29¢ lower (-2.5%) in Australian currency and 13¢ lower (-1.7%) in US currency in the last sales of the season in Sydney, Melbourne and Fremantle in Week 52... Read More

Victoria legislates mandatory pain relief for mulesing sheep

From the 1st July 2020 pain relief for mulesing sheep will be mandatory under legislation in Australian state of Victoria. This means that a pain relief product registered for use on sheep by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) must be administered. VFF Livestock Group President, Leonard Vallance was quoted in Stock & Land’s, ‘VIC sheep producers to use Pain relief from July 1’, ... Read More

2020 issues of wool2yarn magazines will be published in November

After consulting with contributors and advertisers the editorial team at wool2yarn magazines will publish the 2020 issues. 2020/21 wool2yarn china magazine will be published later this year – readers in China, including all those that would have attended the Nanjing Wool Market Conference in September, will receive this magazine in December 2020. ‘Our English language wool2yarn global magazine will be receive... Read More

32nd Nanjing Wool Market Conference Postponed

Yang Xiaoxiong Chairwoman, Nanjing Wool Market announces the first ever postponement of the Nanjing Wool Market Conference. The 32nd Conference is being delayed amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The virus has deeply affected daily life around the world, making international travel extremely difficult. In order to safeguard the health of everyone involved in the conference, NWM has decided to reschedule the conferen... Read More

Push for local wool processing and manufacturing by Australian farmers

Australian farmers push for local wool processing and manufacturing after coronavirus reveals reliance on China. Key points include: The National Farmers’ Federation wants to see a revival of domestic food and fibre manufacturing and processing; Most of Australia’s wool processing has moved offshore but there is a push to bring some back ; One wool processor says his local factory is cheaper to run than his Chinese ... Read More

New Zealand Wool at lowest level

The costs incurred in shearing crossbred sheep are starting to seriously impede the profitability of sheep farming in NZ, according to ANZ’s (New Zealand Banking Group Limited) latest Agri Focus report. Strong wool prices were at the lowest level recorded this decade while shearing costs accelerated, a trend that would only continue. Returns were “absolutely dismal” and that situation was unlikely to improve sign... Read More

Key Test Data Summary for May 2020

The monthly comparisons of Total Lots, Bales and Weight for May 2020 compared with the same period last season are: -30.6%, -28.5% and -28.2% respectively. The progressive comparison of Total Lots, Bales and Weight for July 2019 to May 2020 compared with the same period last season are: -10.1%, -8.0% and -7.6% respectively.  AWTA Ltd has tested 279.3 mkg (million kilograms) this season compared with  302.1 mkg... Read More

Wool study proves suitability for military and fire fighters

AWI has funded a new scientific study into the fire resistance of various fabrics used as base-layer garments for military and first responder personnel such as firefighters. The study concluded that the wool and wool rich fabrics in the study performed the best, while the 100% synthetic fabrics (polypropylene and polyester fabrics) performed the worst due to their propensity to melt and damage the skin. From the... Read More

Wool Fibres Readily Biodegrade in Marine Environments, Study Confirms

What happens to textile fibres once they enter freshwater systems and the sea? It’s a question that received scant attention until the recent rise of concern over microfibres. A substantial body of research firmly establishes how wool biodegrades on land, but far less was understood of its behaviour in the aquatic environment – until now. Findings released by New Zealand research institute AgResearch now reveal ... Read More

Security Update for AWTA Electronic Test Certificates (eCerts)

AWTA Wool Test Certificates and Reports delivered as electronic PDF documents or eCerts are digitally signed to authenticate their validity and protect against alteration. AWTA has recently updated the digital signature on eCerts to conform with industry best-practice. To authenticate AWTA eCerts users must, when prompted, accept (or “trust”) the digital certificate that is embedded within the eCert. If this is not ... Read More

Mike Ashley’s Frasers Group buys Hugo Boss stake

Mike Ashley’s Frasers Group (FRAS.L), formerly Sports Direct, has taken a 5.1% stake in German fashion house Hugo Boss (BOSSn.DE) through stocks and derivatives, continuing his drive to take the British sportswear and apparel retailer upmarket. Frasers said on Friday the investment reflected its growing relationship with Hugo Boss and belief in its long-term future. “Frasers Group intends to be a supportive stake... Read More