NZ Wool Market Report (27 August2020)

NZ Wool Market Report (27 August2020)

South Island only offering 12,600 bales.  The selection consisted of 36% crossbred fleece wool, mainly good colour, 10% crossbred second shear 75/100mm and shorter very good colour, 20% halfbred fleece super style 22.0 to 29.0 micron, 15% associated oddments, 5% crossbred lambs, 10% merino fleece 16.0 to 21.0 micron and 4% miscellaneous types.  Main competition was again from South East Asia and China supported by Australasian carpet mills with limited support from the United Kingdom and Europe.

The South Island had a good offering of merino and halfbred wools this week.  Halfbreds suffered from a lack of support this week and dropped significantly compared to the last sale in Christchurch.  The offering of merino wool was the first reasonable quantity that we have seen here this season.  These wools were well supported and attracted keen competition from a range of buyers.  Prices were in line with what we have seen in Australia with good lines keenly sought after.

Fleece Wools

Good colour crossbred fleece up to 10% cheaper. Average style crossbred fleece 5% cheaper. Halfbred fleece up to 10% cheaper.

Second Shears

All descriptions generally 5% cheaper.


All descriptions 5% cheaper.


29% Passed In.

Next Auction

North Island only, offering 7,100 bales, 3September 2020. Source: By Helen Cameron  FUHR