Move in Merino challenge: On Strava

Move in Merino challenge: On Strava

In conjunction with the Feel Merino campaign, in November The Woolmark Company ran a community engagement initiative in conjunction with Strava, the exercise-focused social networking platform. The ‘Move in Merino Challenge’ on Strava encouraged consumers to exercise and commute wearing Merino wool, driving sales of brand partners’ products and creating a community of active-minded Merino wool ambassadors.

The Woolmark Company launched on Strava its Move in Merino Challenge – encouraging people in the Strava community to replace the time that they would usually spend commuting, with getting outdoors and active: running, walking or cycling… in Merino wool.

Especially popular with runners and cyclists, Strava has 58 million registered users worldwide. The website enables users to upload their fitness activity using GPS data. They can compare their performance over time, compete with their community, and share the photos, stories and highlights of their activities.

The Move in Merino Challenge ran from 2-29 November, with more than 210,000 people joining the initiative during the first two weeks after launch.

Participants were challenged to undertaken 20 hours of activity during the month, which once completed enabled them to unlock access to exclusive discount codes from some of The Woolmark Company’s brand partners including ashmei, Vivobarefoot, Tracksmith and Iffley Road, thereby encouraging consumers to purchase and exercise in Merino wool products.

“Our Move in Merino Challenge on Strava taps into the mind-set of active-minded professionals who are either working from home or avoiding public-transport, encouraging them to repurpose their usual rush-hour commute with exercise in Merino wool. By connecting directly with individual users, the initiative aims to increase awareness of the benefits of our country’s premium natural fibre and drive sales for our brand partners,” said AWI CEO Stuart McCullough.

“Cutting back on the carbon footprint of motor-powered commuting has been on the radar for some time now and people’s resistance to use crowded public transport in the wake of COVID-19 has compounded this shift. This move to a more active lifestyle and commute provides a market opportunity for Merino wool – and our Move in Merino Challenge is an inventive example of how we are working in this growing area.”

The Woolmark Company has also launched The Woolmark Company Club on Strava, providing a platform for active-minded consumers to come together to find out the latest Merino performance offerings, stay connected and share inspiration to get moving in Merino wool. A Strava Club works much like a brand Facebook page.

Source: AWI