2021 wool2yarn magazines

2021 wool2yarn magazines

When travel and business is uncertain – don’t be caught off balance – create your own opportunities and let wool2yarn keep you connected. Publication date for 2021 wool2yarn china and wool2yarn global magazines is September/October.

Published once each year these magazines are circulated to all major textile companies in more than 60 countries worldwide including China.

‘The impact of Covid is causing many companies to re-assess their supply chains for wool, tops and yarn. It is now more important than ever to remind your existing customers and reach new customers about your products and services’, says Victor Chesky Editor.

Special Editorial Reports will include Forecast in Wool Production, Part 2 Environmental Accreditations, Latest Innovations in Wool Dyeing, Yarn & Fabric Performance, Textile Machinery, Testing, and more.

One thing is for sure, if buyers have never heard about your company they cannot buy your product. You simply cannot contact 20,000 people. wool2yarn magazines will connect you to all major companies using wool and speciality fibres in their production.

Advertising in woo2yarn promotes your product to new markets and reassures your existing customers that buying from your company is the right choice.

wool2yarn global is an English language publication, circulated to 5000 wool and textile companies in over 60 countries worldwide. It is circulated by direct mail to all major importers and exporters of wool and speciality fibre, wool carbonisers, topmakers, spinners, weavers and fabric, garments, and carpet manufacturers.

wool2yarn china is circulated to over 5000 wool importers, wool processors (scouring and carbonising), topmaker, spinners and weavers, and fabric and carpet manufacturers in China by China by Nanjing Wool Market.

wool2yarn china is also distributed to all delegates attending the annual Nanjing Wool Market Conference, the major international conference for the wool and textile industry in China. Attendees include leading Chinese companies from greasy wool importers and processors to garment manufacturers.

For more information visit us at www.wool2yarnglobal.com