New Zealand wool market report (27 May 2021)

New Zealand wool market report (27 May 2021)

Market continues to move upwards. North Island only. On offer are 7,250. The selection consisted of 50% crossbred shears mainly good colour up to 3″, 15% crossbred fleece mostly average colour, 15% good style lambs fleece, 15% oddments all descriptions and 5% miscellaneous types.

The auction maintained its upward momentum continuing on from last week’s positive sentiment.  United Kingdom, China and Indian Sub-Continent main, with support from Australasian carpet mills and Europe.

Fleece Wools: all styles 5% dearer.

Second Shears: all descriptions 5% dearer.

Lambs: 3% dearer.

Oddments: crossbred oddments all descriptions up 8%.

Passings: 3% Passed In.

Next Auction: South Island only offering 5,500 bales 3 June 2021.

Source: by Helen Cameron, Schneider NZ