British Wool – Sale Report (BW142, 26 April 2022)

British Wool – Sale Report (BW142, 26 April 2022)

British Wool saw healthy demand in BW142 despite the current economic concerns. Prices were generally firm to the buyers’ favour; speciality types and Organic certified lots were well sought after but some poor colour and small end of season lots attracted limited interest. The clearance was 91% with over 1.1m kg of wool sold.

The average greasy price of 89.5p per kg reflected the significant amount of Organic wool in the offer. On an underlying basis the index was broadly stable on last sale. British Wool’s offer in BW142 amounted to 1.248m kg with 180 of the 199 lots offered sold.

The average greasy price of 89.5p per kg was up 13% sale on sale but this was largely a reflection of the mix of wools offered. The British Wool index was within 1% of last sale at 1.171.

British Wool has now held 18 of the 20 rostered sales for the 2021 season and has sold 19.3m kg of this season’s clip which is equivalent to 84% of its anticipated supply.

British Wool will hold one sale in May and one sale in June. It is anticipated that the carry over to next season will be minimal.

· Total weight offered 1.248m kg Total weight sold 1.133m kg

· Clearance 90.8% · Average clean price £1.330 / kg Average greasy price £0.895 / kg

· British Wool Index 1.171 vs. 1.179 in BW141. The clearances by wool type were as follows;

 · Fine wool 97.6%,

 · Medium wool 78.9%,

· Mule wool 95.7%,

· Hill wool 96.5%,

· Mountain wool 81.2%,

· Lamb 84.0%.

Price movements for key wool types (comparable to sale BW141):

Fine: Hoggs No1 – 3% dearer. Hoggs No2 – fully 3% dearer. Ewes No1 – firm. Ewes No2 – sellers favour. Lt Grey – sellers favour. Romney: Ewes No2 – buyers favour. Medium: Hoggs No1 – buyers favour to 1.5% cheaper. Hoggs No2 – buyers favour. Ewes No1 & No2 – fully firm. Discoloured – buyers favour. Lt Grey – buyers favour. Mules: Hoggs No1 & No2 – buyers favour. Ewes No1 – buyers favour. Ewes No2 – buyers favour to 1.5% cheaper.

All Cott grades – firm to buyers favour. Lt Grey – firm. Cheviots: Hoggs No1 & No2 – firm to buyers favour. Ewes No1 & No2 – fully firm. Cross grades – firm. Hill: Medium – firm. Blackface: Medium No1 – up to 1.5% dearer. No2 – firm. Cotts – sellers favour. Swaledale: Firm where sold. Welsh: No1 – sellers favour. No2 – 2% dearer. Coloured kempy – fully 3% dearer.

There was a larger than normal offering of Organic wools and the majority of these sold at a significant premium over their Non-Organic equivalents. A small selection of lambs sold at higher prices than when last offered.

Source: BW