NZ Wool Market Report (28 April 2022)

NZ Wool Market Report (28 April 2022)

The market was dearer. North and South Island both selling this week offering of 13,000 bales.  The selection consisted of 22% crossbred ewe fleece, bulk 75/150mm average colour, 35% crossbred second shear bulk 75mm good/average colour, 25% lambs fleece, 29-31 micron 50/75mm good/average colour, 15% associated oddments and 3% miscellaneous types.  Keen widespread competition on the back of a weaker New Zealand dollar with most sectors operating.

Fleece: All descriptions 5% dearer.

Second Shears: All descriptions 5% dearer.

Lambs: All lambs 7.5% dearer.

Oddments: All descriptions 10% dearer.

Passings: 2% passed in.

Next Auction: North Island only offering 5,500 bales Thursday 5th May.

Source: by Helen Cameron, The Schneider Group NZ