New Zealand Wool Market Report (27 October 2022)

New Zealand Wool Market Report (27 October 2022)

South Island offering 7,000 bales and North Island offering 7,100 bales.  The selection consisted of 15% crossbred fleece, good/average style, 36.0 to 38.0 micron, 100/150mm, 15% crossbred hogget fleece 30.5 to 35.0 micron good style bulk 75/100mm, 45% crossbred hogget and second shear super style bulk 75/100mm, 8% halfbred fleece, 23.0 to 29.0 micron, good style, 5% merino fleece super style 15.0 to 22.0 micron and 12% associated oddments. 

Main competition from China and South East Asia with support from the United Kingdom, India, the Continent and local carpet mills.

Fleece: All descriptions crossbred fleece 4% cheaper. Halfbred 22.0-26.0 micron 5% dearer. Halfbred 27.0-31.0 micron 6% cheaper. Merino fleece 21.0 micron and finer generally cheaper at levels similar to the Australian market.

Oddments: All descriptions buyers favour.

Passings: 18% passed in.

Next Auction- South Island offering 5,500 bales Thursday 3rd November.