Open letter to the European Commission – Amend the PEF!

Open letter to the European Commission – Amend the PEF!

Credible green claims in the fashion industry are a fundamental step towards preventing greenwashing. With the Substantiating Green Claims proposal expected on 30 November, Make the Label Count (MTLC) is ramping up its efforts to ensure the Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) methodology, earmarked to substantiate green claims, is fit for purpose.

MTLC sent an Open Letter to the European Commission further outlining the Coalition’s concerns around the use of the current PEF methodology.

MTLC commends the European Commission’s decision to regulate ecodesign requirements and the substantiation of green claims made by companies, as this could be a game-changing framework driving the necessary changes in an industry flooded with greenwashing. Therefore, the Coalition urges the Commission to ensure that the PEF methodology, or any alternative tool, includes the necessary indicators to address the most critical environmental impacts of the fashion industry.

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Source: Make the Label Count (MTLC)