British Wool Market Report (13 December 2023)

British Wool Market Report (13 December 2023)

British Wool saw the improved demand from last sale continue in BW154 with over 1 million kilos being sold. This was achieved with no significant easing of prices, in fact some prices were up slightly from BW153, however prices remain low.

The offer in BW154 amounted to 1,282 tonnes spread over 178 lots. A total of 149 lots were sold which totalled 1,078 tonnes or 84% of the wool offered. Prices in general were firm to slightly dearer on the good colour lowland wool, however discoloured, grey and Mountain grades eased slightly in price. Encouragingly the volume sold was across an increased number of buyers than seen in the last several auctions.

 Total weight offered 1.282m kg Total weight sold 1.078m kg • Clearance 84.1%

• Average clean price £1.017 / kg Average greasy price £0.682 / kg • British Wool Index 1.002 vs. 1.022 in BW153. The clearances by wool type were as follows;

 • Fine wool 90%, • Medium wool 99%, • Mule wool 89%, • Hill wool 85%, • Mountain wool 58%, • Lamb 86%.

Price movements for key wool types:

Prices were comparable to BW153; Fine: Hoggs No1 – firm. Hoggs No2 – 1.5% cheaper.

Ewes No1 – 1.5% dearer. Ewes No2 – firm to sellers favour.

Medium: Hoggs No1 – 1.5% dearer. Hoggs No2 – up to 2.5% cheaper.

Ewes No1 & No2 – firm. Naturally discoloured – up to 2% cheaper.

Lt Grey – firm. Romney: Ewes No1 – up to 2.5% dearer. Ewes No2 – fully 1% dearer. Mule: Hoggs No1 – buyers favour. Ewes No1 – firm to buyers favour.

Ewes No2 – firm to sellers favour.

 Cotts – buyers favour. Lt Grey – firm.

Cheviots: Hoggs No1 – fully 2.5% dearer.

Hoggs No2 – sellers favour. Ewes No1 – sellers favour. Ewes No2 – fully firm.

Cross Grades – firm to buyers favour. Blackface: No2 – buyers favour to 1% cheaper.

 Cotts – buyers favour to 1% cheaper. Lt Grey – fully firm. Welsh: No2 – buyers favour.

Coloured Kempy – firm to sellers favour.

Swaledale: No1 – fully firm. Lt Grey – sellers favour.

Source: British Wool