NZ’s PGG Wrightson’s Grant Edwards talks wool

NZ’s PGG Wrightson’s Grant Edwards talks wool

PGG Wrightson, a leading New Zealand wool broking company has published an interview with its general manager for wool, Grant Edwards discussing key developments that are influencing the New Zealand wool industry.

Grant Edwards says: ‘The New Zealand wool market is experiencing notable shifts, with both challenges and opportunities shaping its trajectory.

We’ve seen an increase in crossbred wool prices on the back of a falling New Zealand dollar. 

Additionally, positive news about the recommissioning of the Awatoto wool scour, which was impacted by the cyclone, has boosted market sentiment.  

Despite the significant flooding experienced by the wool scour, the WoolWorks team has diligently worked to restore its functionality.  

The aim is to have the facility operational by November, which is crucial as approximately 80% of New Zealand’s wool is scoured there.  

This development holds promise for addressing the operational challenges that have been affecting the wool supply chain.

The fine wool segment has faced some softening in Australia.  Although a substantial portion of New Zealand’s fine wool is contracted, close monitoring is necessary as the industry approaches the Merino season.’ 

Grant Edwards also lauded an innovative initiative by New Zealand carpet maker Bremworth, which involves subsidizing woollen carpets in schools.  This subsidy program, amounting to around 30%, seeks to promote the use of natural, biodegradable wool for carpets in educational institutions.  

Edwards expressed his support for this initiative, highlighting the environmental benefits of wool over synthetic materials like nylon. 

Notably, the decision to install nylon carpets in over 700 schools stirred up debate and controversy.  

Despite the challenges, the enthusiasm and discussions surrounding this topic are seen as encouraging signs of progress within the industry.

Source: PGG Wrightson,