Australian Wool Sales AWI Commentary (6 October 2023)

Australian Wool Sales AWI Commentary (6 October 2023)

Australian wool auctions traded solidly throughout the week, with general indicators portraying a mundane market. This was not that case as some changes downwards on Merino types by upwards of 30ac occurred. In contrast – and a rare event over the past few years – it was the crossbred wool types that held indicators in place by gaining 30ac across the type spectrum. Cardings largely held their quoted values.

The same situation could be said for the forex markets has very little week to week changes were registered, but wild swings throughout selling had buyers on both sides of the trade rapidly adjusting price levels. The prime example was the USD against the AUD which ranged 0.6305 to 0.6458 for the week.

Auction purchasing followed the exact same pattern as last week, with the large trading houses leading the way and supported by indents from Italy, China and India as well as the usual direct buying by representatives for the large Chinese top makers. Two dominant indents topped the crossbred buyers lists whilst traders were keener than the scouring and carbonizing manufacturers direct buying orders.

Fine Merino wool prices are remaining in limbo presently as the usual European buying has failed to materialize thus far in the auctions. Some light buying is evident, but by this time last year, the better superfine wools were the domain of European buyers. This year, a lot of those early offerings are heading to China and India. The weakness of that European competition is evidenced by the historically narrow price gaps between 17 and 21 micron. 

40,000 Australian bales is rostered next week Tuesday/Wednesday. Source: AWI