New Zealand Wool Market Report (26 May 2022)

New Zealand Wool Market Report (26 May 2022)

Only South Island selling this week, offering 8,600 bales.  The selection consisted of 38% crossbred fleece bulk 75/150mm average style, 12% crossbred second shear bulk 75mm/100mm good style, 22% lambs fleece, 30-31 micron 75mm good style, 18% associated oddments and 10% miscellaneous types.  A more subdued tone with buyers being more selective.  Good style wools were in demand while poorer style wools were discounted.  Australasian carpet mills, Indian Sub-Continent main with support from Europe and the United Kingdom.

Fleece: Good colour crossbred fleece firm. Average colour 4% cheaper.

Second Shears: Good colour crossbred shears firm.

Lambs: Fully firm.

Oddments: All descriptions buyers favour.

Passings: 20% passed in.

Next Auction – North Island only offering 7,950 bales Thursday 2nd June.

Source: G. Schneider NZ Limited (by Helen Cameron)

Main Buyers: Masurel 1850, Schneider 1450, NZWSI 1422, Chargeurs 436, Bloch % Behrens 400, WGR 400, JS Brooksbank 320, Standard 208, G Modiano 175, Curtis 50