AWI Wool Appreciation Course goes Multilingual

AWI Wool Appreciation Course goes Multilingual
The Woolmark Company’s popular online Wool Appreciation Course is now even more accessible to people across the world having recently been made available in eight additional languages. The course aims to increase the knowledge about Australian wool amongst people in the textile supply chain, thereby helping increase global demand for the fibre.

The most frequently accessed and completed course on the online Woolmark Learning Centre is the Wool Appreciation Course. It provides an in-depth introduction to the wool fibre from its production on farm right through to the manufacture of wool products.

In addition to English, the course is now available in eight other languages: Simplified Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese, French, German, Italian and Spanish (plus Mexican Spanish). This makes the free course accessible to more people across the world, whether they be students, designers or supply chain specialists.

Woolgrowers can also access and undertake the course to learn what happens to wool after it leaves the farm and travels along the supply chain to be transformed into beautiful wool products. There are 15 modules in the course and in total they take about three hours to complete.

Learning modules in the Wool Appreciation Course
 1. What is Wool?9. Dyeing
 2. Introduction to Wool10. Finishing
 3. Why Wool?11. Merino Innovations
 4. Wool Production12. Product quality during manufacture
 5. Manufacturing Wool Yarn13. Maintaining product quality during use
 6. Wool yarns14. Quality assurance
 7. Manufacturing wool knits15. The Woolmark Brand
 8. Manufacturing woven fabric 

The Wool Appreciation Course is available on the Woolmark Learning Centre, a web-based hub that houses free world-class educational resources about wool for learners at all levels, including those entering the global textile industry as well as those already in it. Since its launch in mid-December 2019, the Woolmark Learning Centre has received more than 1.2 million page views and more than 4,000 course completions which exceeds AWI’s target.

Developed by experts in the textile industry, the Woolmark Learning Centre is optimised for use on a smartphone and tablet, as well as a desktop or laptop computer, and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, wherever and whoever you are in the world. The platform allows learners to complete courses specific to their needs, at their own pace.

On completion of the courses, as well as having an increased knowledge about wool, users gain their own certification from the internationally recognised Credly digital credential platform, which can be displayed on the user’s own digital professional portfolio such as LinkedIn.

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Source: AWI